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Online backcountry
education for skiers
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Smarten up your skiing with the most comprehensive backcountry snow safety courses on the web. Learn to make decisions, analyze terrain and explore beyond the boundaries through digital instruction.

Available courses

Using photos, videos and text, Mountain Academy courses teach you the skills essential for exploring the backcountry and staying safe in avalanche terrain.

  • $ 29
    Course I

    Snow safety essentials

    All the knowledge for all the skiers and snowboarders who wants to ride out of bounds or in the backcountry. A great foundation for beginners and the perfect refresher for experts.
    • 8 chapters, 60+ videos
    • Practice questions to test your progress
    • Desktop-, tablet- & mobile-friendly
  • $ 29
    Course II
    Deeper into the backcountry
    More knowlegde for experienced skiers and snowboarders who want to ride deeper in the backcountry.
    • 6 chapters, 30+ videos
    • Practice questions to test your progress
    • Desktop-, tablet- & mobile-friendly

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Mountain Academy Fund

Salomon does not take any direct profit from Mountain Academy. Proceeds are directed to the Mountain Academy Fund to help benefit forecasting centers and avalanche organizations around the world.

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  • Avalanche education is not only valuable to help prevent avalanche incidents, but to inform students on how to act properly when accidents occur. I will be a student of snow safety for the rest of my life, because the mountains are where I want to spend it. Salomon's Mountain Academy is another resource in our education toolkit, and when combined with real-world experience, mentorship, and hands-on formal education, it allows those of us that are inclined to venture into dangerous terrain to do so with as little exposure to risk as possible.

    Brody Leven
  • I think that it is awesome that Salomon is getting behind such a cool project. While no substitute for a course this is a great place to learn some great tips and test your knowledge. Remember safety never takes a vacation.

    Chris Rubens
  • Skiing off piste is to be aware of the risks inherent in this sport, you have to anticipate, identify and avoid them.The Mountain Academy is a primary school to preserve your safety.

    Romain Raisson
  • Finally we're seeing a company take action in backcountry safety and responsibility. Salomon recognizes the importance of proper backcountry education and is not only equipping its skiers with the product they need, but also the knowledge required to have a fun, safe day in the mountains!

    Kalen Thorien
  • When you buy backcountry gear, you should know the basics to the backcountry. Salomon is taking a proactive step to ensure the safety of its customers. Mountain Academy empowers the new and/or experienced user by providing a basic structure and introductory level education opportunity to avalanche safety and backcountry etiquette. The framework explains the necessary steps towards building knowledge in the mountain environment and will show the importance of the many levels of snow safety education.

    Kim Havell

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